18th International
Istanbul Furniture Fair
26 - 30 July 2022

Artificial Intelligence aided CNR Mobilya broke a historic record

The first artificial intelligence aided exhibition in Turkey, CNR Mobilya, welcomed industry professionals from all over the world in 13 halls this year. The exhibition, where more than 750 companies displayed a great variety of special products, hosted 148.718 visitors, 44.865 of whom were foreigners, from 132 countries in 6 days. Buyer delegations of 1000 people from 30 countries participated in the exhibition, which reached approximately 2-billion-dollar trade volume including the bilateral meetings.

Organized by CNR Holding subsidiary, Istanbul Trade Fairs, with the support of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization), 16th CNR Mobilya International Istanbul Furniture Fair once again made history this year. Displaying new-season products of more than 750 domestic and international companies, the exhibition accomplished to reach 148.718 industry professionals, 44.865 of whom were foreigners, from 132 countries in 6 days. Welcoming its participants at 13 halls of 160 thousand square meter area, once again, it made history as an exhibition which outgrew the halls and overflowed into tents.

billion-dollar level reached in the trade volume

When it is considered merely as a furniture exhibition, CNR Mobilya, featured as the largest exhibition in the home furniture field worldwide for the square meter area as well as the number of exhibitors and visitors, once again satisfied the exhibitors and visitors with its successful results. The exhibition, which hosted B2B meetings this year as well, welcomed buyer delegations of 1000 people from 30 countries. Flooded by industry professionals, the exhibition reached a trade volume of over approximately 2 billion dollars including B2B meetings.

Data Management System has a big role in the success

The artificial intelligence aided Data Management System, which CNR Holding developed upon a 2-year work, played an important role in both the rise in the visitor number and trade volume. CNR Holding, which formed a data bank of 30 million exhibitors and visitors through BIA (Business Intelligence Agency) that was set up in 2017, analyzed this data bank via Data Management System and enabled the right sellers to match with the right buyers. Starting from the second half of 2020, the system will be implemented at all the exhibitions of CNR. It is aimed to boost the efficiency of the exhibitions for both exhibitors and visitors and provide a sustainable communication through the system.

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